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The Most Popular Micro Jobs Services Today

By: Johnny Ortiz

Humans survived in the universe for thousands of years and have been fighting the most significant war. Yes, that’s the war to earn a living, it was very tricky in ancient times to make money, but the development of the internet added massive ease into the process. The internet has given birth to a massive playground of cash awaiting seekers to take part in the play. In this article, we’ll discuss the different jobs that may not make you a billionaire but can certainly assist with your money-based necessities.

1- Transcription jobs

What is a transcription job? The transcription job involves listening to voice recordings and converting it into a write-up. This job does not require any creativity or sound knowledge of something but some time from your day. The main requirement is hearing, typing, and breathing—in other words, being human. This simple task can be an excellent source of income that comes with a flexible schedule and easy dollars that are produced right from your computer.

If you’re looking for transcription jobs, we recommend the following companies to get started: 

  1. Rev: Rev is an online transcription and caption service that connects customers with freelancers to transcribe audio.  At Financial Nomad, we value time and money.   This is a good opportunity to make extra money and work at your own leisure.  To get started, click below:

  1. Go Transcript: Go Transcript is a transcription company that is always looking for freelancers.  They offer weekly payouts via PayPal. They pay up to $0.60 per audio/video minute. You can create your own schedule and work for as much or as little as you want.  To start today, click below:

  1. Scribie:  Scribie is a transcription service that also allows you to make money in your leisure time.  They do make your payments through Paypal but you must reach a minimum of $30 before your first withdrawal.  Check them out:

If you would like to learn how to do transcription, we recommend the Transcription Certification Institute.  They will teach every skill that you need through the training that they offer.  They teach topics such as grammar, MS word all while focusing on your typing speed.  To check them out, please click below:

 2- Survey jobs

Don’t you love a good survey? Slight sarcasm aside, surveys are everywhere! Companies offer different incentives for completing surveys, including cash and gift cards. The range of payment varies from $1 to $10 for completing each survey. The survey-filled questionnaires are essential for the companies to assess their position within the consumer market, as well as serve as research to better understand what makes people buy their products. In other words, they need your input. The scope of the work is expected to increase as several businesses are starting up each coming day. Further, the sites that can help you to get survey jobs include Qmee, Prolific and Swag bucks.  

  1. Qmee-  Qmee is a very transparent company that offers various surveys that you can take for profits. Their attractive feature is that there is no minimum payout.  Even if you only make $0.01 you can withdraw instantly through PayPal.  From our experience, the money seems to reach your paypal instantly. To learn more about them, click here:

  1. Prolific- Prolific is a crowdsourcing survey site that offers a lot of survey opportunities to freelancers.  They payout well and you can make $1-$3 per survey.  They also pay through Paypal but it does take a couple of days to receive your funds.  To sign up and get started, click below:

3- Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace where virtual tasks are posted every day. Companies and businesses are looking for a diversity of talent to fill their demands of the work that needs to be completed. It’s important to note that not all tasks can be completed by robots and computers. So, there is always a need for talent like you to provide completed tasks to the businesses, and they pay you for these tasks. Although, these tasks are not usually technical and complex. However, you can easily understand and invest some time of your day to get it done and get paid.To apply go to :

4- Virtual assistant

Thousands of virtual assistants are hired by several business/owners every day to help them manage day-to-day tasks. You may opt to work as a virtual assistant in your spare time. As a virtual assistant, you will need to make calls on behalf of your client, schedule appointments for them, do web research, data scraping, data entry and any other client requirements.

The good thing about this job is that with an increase in your experience, there is massive potential to charge a higher price from your clients. The field got potential for exponential growth, and several people left their full-time job to become a freelance virtual assistant. Although, we do not recommend leaving your job at the start of your career. However, you can think of it after getting some hands-on experience.

In today’s modern world, rich people are busy in the matters of business operations and expansion.

You can get started as a Virtual Assistant by promoting your services in Fiverr, Upworks, Peopleperhour and much more.

5- User testing jobs

These types of jobs involve testing some products and doing reviews based on experience. The product can be any website, design, prototypes, mobile apps, and IT related products. What businesses get from this exercise is understanding what customers think and feel about their products, bringing improvement in the design or features of their products and managing the stakeholders’ expectations.

You can be one of the participants to review the discussed products. You just need to ensure proper articulation of your thoughts after the testing procedure is over. What you get in return is compensation for testing and reviewing. So, it can be a great job for your spare time.

6- Lionbridge /Appen

Lion Bridge is a global communication platform. They provide services in translation, content, testing and other aspects of the transformation of the structured and unstructured data.

That’s a massive platform that manages thousands of customers. You can apply for the post by visiting their website. You’ll need to provide your resume for the application. So, make sure to update your CV to reflect relevant experience and expertise before starting the application process.

In addition to this, Appen is a site similar to the Lion Bridge and provides services related to language translation, data transcription, search evaluation, and several micro tasks that can easily be completed by sitting at your home. Check them out:



7- Fiverr

Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers around the globe. The good thing is that you can work for your clients in your spare time, and there is huge demand even for clerical work like virtual assistance, link building, and other works requiring repetition.

There is an increasing trend of outsourcing worldwide since people are looking to outsource their clerical works and focus on their core operations. So, it’s not difficult to make money in your spare time but what you need is a fire in the belly to come with financial success for you and your family. 

Once you start earnings with completion of the small tasks like survey, translation, testing, viewing advertisements, watching videos, doing web research and multiple data entry etc., you can focus on learning in-demands skills like web development, SEO, content writing, Social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, video editing, animation, game development, programming, and coding (to name a few) to not only survive but become a millionaire with this huge gig economy. To find services that you can offer in Fiverr, click here:

So Nomads, if you need to make spare money to buy something, save for your emergency funds or have a bit of passive income we suggest starting today in one of the opportunities mentioned.  It is also good to stay informed by reading forums such as to stay aware of new opportunities that may arise.  Be on the lookout for videos we will be releasing where we will go into further details about these opportunities. 

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