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By: Johnny Ortiz

Do you scuffle with the idea of regaining your mental peace and growing as a person, both in personal and professional life?

Indeed, the contemporary lifestyle has made it a Herculean task to stay put and face the upheavals like a warrior. But, do you think the option of giving up is any healthier? Of course, not! Every day shows up with a different set of challenges and we need to be fully equipped with the right skills to cope with them. Day-to-day stressors, anxiety, traumas, and depression push us towards giving up but, instead of running away from situations and problems, we must tackle them smartly. 

So, what should you do to get a hold of your vanishing mental peace and ensure your progress as a person?

Well, there are certain ways which, if you adopt consciously, will help you overcome the hard times like a pro. Read on to unveil them one by one:


Do you know why you feel incapable of surpassing the trying times or giving yourself a breakthrough? It is because of the greatest roadblock i.e. holding on to the toxic or harrowing past that keeps you incapacitated. People feel that they are helpless before the distressful thoughts and the kind of anxiety that sticks by them because of the painful past. However, it is not impossible to get rid of your past that keeps you stagnant. Ditch the negative thoughts by redirecting your mind towards the present and keeping your focus on the future. Whenever an experience tries to capture your peace of mind, ask yourself, “How is this thought contributing to my present life or impacting the future?” This way, when you get emancipated from the harrowing past, your mind gets realigned and you feel in control of your life and decisions.


Many times we compromise our mental health by succumbing to others’ viewpoints and judgments about our life. For instance, if someone has seen you as a person who would never say no to things that make you feel uncomfortable, they will continue bullying you the same way. So, to retrieve your mental calm and poise, it is important to learn when to say ‘no’ to people and how setting healthy boundaries even with the closest relationships will lead to a better and healthier life for you. 


Now, how can you manage the stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts that keep pulling you down? Indeed, you need to have an action plan- an exit plan that helps you come out of hard times. So, choose one or a combination of action plans shared below which are aimed at healing you and improving your life and mental health:


It all starts with your mindset. If you feed your mind on negative, depressive thoughts; then do not expect to develop growth or a positive mindset. Coming out of corrosive thoughts will always be a hard nut to crack for you. So, instead of the “I can’t” mentality, adopt the “I can” or the “I can’t yet mentality. So, with just a little redirection of how you perceive yourself and your trials, a huge difference can be made to your quality of life and mental health. 


Connected to a growth mindset is the ideology of mindful meditation. It is another intentional effort to recuperate from trauma and turbulent thoughts. A simple practice of meditation for 15 minutes every day brings about a tremendous transformation. You can start it by choosing a favorite place or corner in your home or outside and by closing your eyes, think of all the good stuff that can happen or has happened so far. This drill will realign your mind, quiet the racing thoughts and induce gratitude in your perspective. Eventually, the mental health and chances of growth as a person multiply instantly. 


Writing is therapeutic and there is no disagreement on this. So, when the turbulent thoughts grip you more than you can bear pick up your journal and pen your thoughts in it. You can express both your turmoil and plans in your journal and this will help you in more than one way. It will work as a companion who is listening to you without any judgment and give you an experience of catharsis too. Additionally, when you write what you are going through, somewhere you do find the right solution to your agony. Moreover, you can also chalk your plan out in your journal. This means that you can, while expressing the agitation, also write your action plan down. So, writing regularly serves in various ways and is a powerful tool to help calm your senses down and harness mental tranquility too.


Have you observed how, when we hear about the problems from others that resemble ours, we feel less vulnerable and hurt? It is not because we are insensitive or that we lack empathy. In fact, it is human nature that when we see other people going through turmoil like us, we feel validated and also not alone. So, there are many support groups, both in the physical and virtual world, that aim at healing with ‘togetherness’. People in such support groups understand that they are all in the same boat and that they need to be each other’s non-judgmental listener and counselor. So, in times of turmoil when you feel like everything is slipping off and you are on the verge of getting shattered, consider joining a support group to vent out and feel empowered. This is a wise decision to take instead of just giving up and becoming a victim.

Additionally, if you feel that your control over your mind has loosened up a lot and you just can’t function properly because of worsening of mental health, do not waste a moment seeking professional therapy. The trained professional will either involve you in ‘talk therapy’ or prescribe medication if the situation is severe. In any case, you will be put on the right track to reclaim your mental health and pursue growth in life. 


So, what is your takeaway from the ways shared above?

Indeed, doing is harder than just saying but words have a lot of power and thus keep reminding yourself that you are responsible for your mental peace and growth. Therefore, do not put it at stake and adopt ways that will help you bounce back to a happier and better you. 

3 Responses

  1. It’s so hard to learn to say no. I am the kind of person that has a very hard time doing this. It has gotten easier with time and with practice but it’s still difficult. I always try to be helpful and in some cases I end up doing something that I may not want to do just to help out. Sometimes I put my own projects on hold to help others. I now know that it’s not selfish to put myself first and take care of my needs before I say YES to other things and projects. The better care I take of myself, the more I can be there to help others.

  2. Hi Penelope,

    The best part about having a positive mindset is that it will help you grow personally and professionally. There is nothing wrong with saying no in the sense that you don’t want to overstress yourself. Sometimes I had the same issues, but I realized that saying no doesn’t mean you don’t want to help others. In fact, it’s the opposite, it means that you are willing to do what you can base on your limits. You can help later if you want.

  3. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am. I listened to a good friend of mine a few years back and started meditating daily! For some reason, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t think it would help me in any way and I thought it was a waste of time. Thank God, she kept saying how awesome it is, time and time again, until I finally decided to try it just to shut her up :)) And it was amazing! I felt like I was outside of myself, fully in control, without any worries or fears. It didn’t last long, just a few minutes, but it was such an experience. Now I do it daily, in the morning and it recharges me, it helps me start the day on the right foot and tackle anything that may come my way.

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