Beyond The Financial Nomad

Eight Side Hustles To Generate Free Crypto & Cash

By: Taurus Cornu

Gimmie! Gimmie!

A little extra money can go a long way to paying down debts, spoiling that loved one or splurging on the latest and greatest gifts for yourself. If you’re like me and you were forced to take a part time job to make ends meet (courtesy of the pandemic) then you’re probably engaged in some kind of side hustle to rustle up some extra pennies.

Today I’m going to be covering eight side hustles you can do to earn some extra cash or if you’re a crypto enthusiast like me, extra crypto’s that you can use to either invest or convert to fiat.

Disclaimer: Investing carries an inherent risk and as such, profit is never guaranteed. Invest only what you can afford to lose and as always, Caveat Emptor. This post also contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using our links.

1. AllCoins Crypto Faucet

A Picture Of A Crypto Faucet.

AllCoins is a crypto faucet that you can use to get free crypto’s. You can collect Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Tron, Bittorrent Token, GoGo Monster Token, Solana and Cosmos. You can only claim one crypto currency of your choice at a time and you need to wait six minutes for each claim.

What I like about AllCoins in particular is their autofaucet feature. Every day that you log in, you get two free autofaucet claims for use. An autofaucet claim allows you to claim up to three crypto’s of your choice or a single crypto of your choice automatically without you having to physically claim it. This only works as long as the autofaucet window is open.

Granted the amount is smaller than a standard claim but if you rack up say 60 autofaucet claims and you have it to automatically collect your favorite crypto of choice then the amount quickly stacks up especially if you dedicate time to amassing autofaucet claims. AllCoins also allows you to convert the crypto that you have claimed to another crypto of your choice. Your choices are only limited to the ones that I have listed. This means that you can grind up a crypto like Monero and convert it to Litecoin for example.

Always Be Thinking.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. You want to grind Ethereum. Ethereum gives you the most exchanging power over the other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Exchange Ethereum for Tron. Out of all cryptos, you get the most bang for your buck if you convert Ethereum to Tron. For reference, 0.00000284 ETH will equal roughly to 0.067 Tron. You need 1 Tron before you are eligible for withdrawal.
  3. Start amassing autofaucet claims. Take advantage of the multi-coin claim feature and make sure you set the autofaucet to gather Tron (and two other coins you want). You can convert the other coins to Tron but that is up to you.

Here is the website →

2. Mine Bitcoins Using Honeyminer

Honey. Yum.

Honeyminer allows you to use your CPU & GPU’s power to generate some nice cash. They claim that newer PC’s can earn anywhere between $15 – $75 per GPU per month. Best of all it takes less than a minute to sign up and get started. Start by downloading Honeyminer’s proprietary mining software and letting it benchmark your system. Then, just mine away and enjoy easy money. You’ll be paid in Satoshis as the software mines the most profitable crypto in real time.

You can also rent out GPU’s from Honeyminer if you want to improve your hashrate but as of now they’re sold out. They do have an impeccable affiliate program though. Any referral that you bring in and starts mining; you’ll get 10% of whatever they make. If your referrals bring in their own referrals and they start mining, you’ll make 5% of whatever they make.

The Box Is Your Environment. Get out.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Honeyminer’s profit potential lies in their affiliate program. You need to find a way to market your referral link to as many as people as possible without being spammy.
  2. I know it sounds cliché but starting a blog is a good way of marketing your referral links. Medium is a good place to start since all you have to do is create an account and start writing.
  3. Consider buying several e-books and offer them as a freebie to people in exchange for their emails. Then market your referral links to them.
  4. Consider buying traffic from traffic exchanges. Timebucksadbtcadpays and eBesucher are some examples of good traffic exchanges.

Here is the website →

3. Earn Bitcoins While Using CryptoTab Browser

Browse & Earn At The Same Time.

CryptoTab claims to be the world’s premier browser with a built in mining feature. CryptoTab is available as a desktop browser (Windows & Mac OS) and as a mobile application (IOS & Android). It’s a lightweight application that won’t slow your computer down and has customizable options when it comes to the type of Chrome extensions you can add. You can also customize the level of mining intensity while you browse the internet.

Like Honeyminer they also have an exceptional referral program. There are ten referral levels in total. The commission that you get for each level gets lowered as the levels continue. Level 1 will give you 15% while level 10 will give you 0.0625%. But if you refer ten people and they refer ten people, then your earning potential increases dramatically.

How Affiliate Referrals Look Like.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Again. Profit potential is in the affiliate program. Find a way to market your referral link to a broad audience without being spammy.
  2. If you have multiple computers, you can spread the referral link amongst your computers and have them browse the internet. You’ll need to find a way to make sure the computer remains “active” however. One good way of doing this is to buy a bullet vibrator and tie it to the mouse. Or alternatively installing a mouse clicker.
  3. If you got multiple phones, then apply the same strategy as above.
  4. Again, consider buying traffic from traffic exchanges.

Here is the website →

4. Trade XMR On Local Monero

A Good Place To Buy & Sell Monero.

You can take a more proactive approach and start actively selling crypto’s to those who are looking to buy. Why not set up shop at a peer to peer exchange like local Monero? You can set up your own fees and requirements for doing business and it is a good way to make some money on the side.

You’re also going to be supporting the Monero network by allowing people to conduct transactions in a private and secure manner. Win-win for everybody.

Takes Money To Make Money.

Problem with this method is that you need Monero upfront before you can start selling. You’re going to need to find a way to get your hands on some Monero.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider mining Monero using your PC. In exchange for keeping the network secure you’ll get rewarded in Monero for your efforts. This is also one of the best ways of getting Monero because it’s completely free. Just don’t expect to amass a fortune overnight. Here’s a good place to start.
  2. You need to have a minimum of 0.35 XMR in your local Monero wallet before you can post an ad. Local Monero also takes 1% from every trade that was conducted from your ad. You are allowed to create up to 800 ads.
  3. Reputation is everything in the peer to peer marketplace. A good way to start building your reputation is to buy and sell from local sellers / buyers and have them leave positive reviews on your account. As the age of your account increases and the more positive reviews you rack up, the more trustworthy you’ll become and the more business you’ll get if you were to post an ad.

Here is the website →

5. Play A Mining Simulator & Earn Cryptos

A Game Where You Learn How To Mine.

Rollercoin is a mining game where you build your own data center and run a virtual crypto mining operation. What’s cool about this game is that you can earn real cryptos just by playing. You can earn Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum & RollerToken.

You start by first creating a custom avatar that will represent you in the game. You’ll then be brought to the main screen where you can start playing games to increase network power. Every time you play a game, your network power (the hashrate used to “mine” your coins) will increase but will remain only for 24 hours.

A List Of Games You Can Play To Increase Network Power.

This means that you’ll be forced to play everyday to keep your power. However, if you win 60 games then your character will get a new PC which will keep the power that you’ve gained stabilized for up to 7 days. It’s also worth noting that you can use your network power to mine Bitcoin, Doge and Ethereum all at once. You can also mine RollerToken if you choose to as well.

A List Of Virtual Miners That You Can Buy.

Rollercoin also allows you to buy virtual miners in the game. Buying miners will permanently increase your network power and will run continuously in the background even if you’re offline. You just need to log into your Rollercoin account once every 5 days to “recharge” your miners with electricity to keep them running.

This is where RollerTokens come in handy. Some of the best miners in the game requires RLT (RollerTokens) to purchase. It may take some time to acquire the necessary RLT to buy the miners but it is worth it considering the fact that they’ll always run in the background allowing you to earn cryptos passively.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. It may be best to focus on grinding RLT. You want to try and buy a miner as soon as possible to start generating cryptos passively.
  2. If you need money fast then this game is not for you. This game was designed to teach the basics of mining cryptos in a virtual environment.
  3. It is best to reinvest RLT into getting better and better miners until you are generating enough cryptos for consistent cash outs.

Here is the website →

6. Become A Forex Trader

What The Day Trader Sees.

If you have the courage, technical chops and some cash laying around you could try becoming a Forex trader. A Forex trader trades one currency for another. An example would be buying U.S Dollars and selling them for British Pounds. You’ll be in the Forex market, where it is open for 24 hours a day, 5 and a half days a week. Trading occurs in all countries that has a major financial hub (London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris and Sydney).

As such, you can always be assured that the Forex market will be active and price quotes for currency pairs will constantly be changing. Although there are resources out there for those who are looking to get into Forex trading, it would be best to actually invest into acquiring some type of Forex signal when starting out.

Wall Street. One Of The Major Financial Hubs Of The World.

A Forex signal is when an experienced Forex trader sends out a trading signal to a list of subscribers whenever a trade will be executed. The subscribers are comprised of both new and veteran Forex traders alike who want to follow the steps of a more seasoned trader with a successful track record.

And it makes sense right? Forex trading is difficult. You need to perform fundamental and technical analysis. You need to read the charts correctly. You need to be aware of any global news that may impact currency pricing and be able to understand why prices are acting the way they are. Not to mention knowing when to enter the market, take your profit and exit before doing it all over again.

And knowing all this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful or be able to make money consistently. That’s why you don’t see that much people doing this. But remember.

Where there are less people doing something, the profit potential is greater.

Competition Is Where The Money Is.

Yes, it’s difficult to be a Forex trader. But that difficulty is compensated with more money. There are numerous success stories of Forex traders who have made ridiculous amounts of money. Some of these traders then went on to offer trading signals to new traders who are looking to learn how the markets work and make money at the same time.

It’s good business. The seasoned trader can boost their income by offering the same trading signals they are doing to subscribers in exchange for a monthly subscriber fee. New and veteran traders can do the exact same trade that a seasoned trader is doing for a low risky way of getting profits. It’s a win-win for both. In this arrangement, the seasoned trader has a vested interest in performing the correct profitable trades since his subscribers are paying him monthly. As such, the risk of getting involved in a scam is low to begin with.

After all is said and done, the trick to performing consistent profitable trades is to first learn by following the steps of a seasoned trader and then eventually branching out when you have more experience. Finding a reputable trader then becomes the challenge. But fear not, I went ahead and done the research for you and will list two reputable traders that offer excellent signals at a reasonable price.

A Mentor Can Make Success Easier To Obtain.

Two Forex Traders You Can Try

  1. Bob James.

Mr. James has over ten years of experience as a Forex trader. He worked in one of the leading financial institutions in London and is a trend trader. His greatest skill is interpreting price movements and understanding what is going on behind the scenes. He performs 2–7 trades a day and has 15 currency pairs he routinely trades with.

Price: $97 per month, $227 per 3 months, $397 per year.

Benefits of joining: Tutorial on how everything works, trading signals for you to follow, customer service support and access to Mr. James for any questions you have.

Check him out here →

2. Forex Signals.

Founded by Nick McDonald & Will Thomas, Forex Signals has been providing trading signals since 2012. They have over 500,000 members signed up, 52 full time staff and 3 mentors who contribute to the trading room every day.

Price: $97 per month, $297 per six months, $564 per year.

Benefits of joining: You have a 7 day free trial to test before committing. Trading room access, receive trading signals and have a one on one with a mentor (applies to the 6 month and yearly subscription). Over 55 years combined trading experience in various Forex markets (including Exotics & CFD’s). Customer service and a community to bounce ideas with other traders.

Check them out here →

7. Use A URL Shortener To Market Affiliate Links

Make Long Links Short With URL Shorteners.

A URL Shortener is a tool that helps reduce the number of characters in a URL link. A shorter URL makes sharing affiliate links easier and more efficient since you can add trackers and other sorts of information to the URL before it gets shorted.

They’re typically used in digital marketing and since most digital marketers are using URL shorteners… Then it’s safe to say that if you’re not using them then your links will look bloated and unprofessional. However the real reason you should be using a URL shortener is analytics. You can track click-rate, demographics, participation rate, date and time when the link was clicked and more.

It’s All About The Numbers.

When someone clicks on your URL link that has been shorted, they will be shown an ad for roughly ten seconds before being sent to the content that they clicked the URL link for. This is how you get paid.

The same marketing principles of affiliate marketing apply to URL shortening. You need to place these URL links in such a way that you won’t come across as spammy. You need constant exposure to a broad audience and you need to ensure that the URL link contains the content your audience is looking for.

Below is a list of the top 5 URL shortener link services every digital marketer uses:


These URL Shortener services will pay you good money for every click your link receives and if you were to use all five at the same time then the money stacks up rather quickly.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Affiliate marketing is long, tedious and rather difficult to get off the ground. Once it’s off the ground, it gets easier. Take your time.
  2. Use all five URL shorteners to short the same link and share with your audience. Bonus points if you have multiple links in the same blog, post or content.
  3. Remember. No spamming.

8. Make Money With InboxDollars

One Of The Best Survey Sites Out There.

If you’re desperate, you can always fill out surveys for pennies on the dollar. Other side hustles that are mentioned throughout this article are frankly better than taking surveys for money. For one, you save time. And second… Well you make more money.


But some people have reported making quite a bit of cash using these survey sites, with most people recommending InboxDollars in particular. So I decided to see what the hype was all about and created an account with them. And I started to see why people liked them.

InboxDollars gives you a $5 sign up bonus as soon as you finish creating the account. After a short tour of their website they let you start earning money. There are several ways that you can get paid in the site:

  1. Take surveys
  2. Watch videos
  3. View ads in your InboxDollars email (more on that later)
  4. Cashback when shopping
  5. Playing games
  6. Searching the web (more on that later)
  7. Completing offers
  8. Referring friends
Quite A List, I Say.


Surveys on average will pay you anywhere between $0.75 to $4.00 depending on your eligibility and willingness to spend time. The longer the survey, the more you are compensated for your efforts but this also assumes that you are eligible. Some surveys are looking for a specific demographic and if you don’t fit that specific criteria they’re looking for then you won’t be able to take it.

Watching Videos

You need to view 24 pages of content to earn $0.01. That’s right. 24 videos for 1 penny. It’s a low effort way of making money but only you can decide if viewing 24 videos for a measly penny is worth it or not. For me, I’ll pass.

Viewing E-mail Ads

Inside your account, there is an E-mail icon you can click on that will show you a curated list of advertisements you can view to increase your “Scratch & Win” bar. If you maximize your “Scratch & Win” bar, then you will have a chance to win up to $100.00 when you scratch off your virtual ticket.

I haven’t won the $100 yet but every scratch off gives me $0.05. It’s another low effort way of making money that pays slightly better than watching videos.

Earn Cashback While Shopping

InboxDollars will give you a list of online retailers that you can visit in order to earn cashback for your purchases. Some of the retailers they work with are Best Buy, HSN, Kohl’s and Macy’s to name a few. The concept is rather simple.

Spend money and get some money back. Good for those who are avid shoppers.

Playing Games

Play games, make some money. Simple right? You can play games like Solitaire, Mahjongg, Word Wipe, Monkey Bubble Shooter, Candy Jam, Pet Hop and Giant Hamster Run. I recommend Solitaire. It’s the fastest game that you can complete.

Searching The Web

There is a tab called “search” that you can click on. Clicking on that will bring you to a search bar where you can search whatever you want. Searching random items will fill out your “Scratch & Win” chance. There’s also a weekly search query that you can do. If you search for more than four days, you’ll get a $0.05 bonus.

Completing Offers

Offers comes in all shapes and sizes. You may have to download an app, grind until you’re some level in a mobile game or sign up for a subscription. Different offers have different levels of compensation depending on what you need to do.

Referring Friends

Like many other sites, InboxDollars has their own affiliate program as well. If you refer friends and family (and they become active) then you’ll earn 30% of whatever they earn.

Making Money Can Be Very Stressful.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Minimum to cash out is $10. And there’s only two options. PayPal & gift cards (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Chipotle etc.).
  2. I would recommend creating an InboxDollars account and focus on other side hustles. Come back to it later and you’ll find a stash of emails that you can view to fill that “Scratch & Win” bar. Keep scratching for nickels. It stacks up fast.
  3. Creating a consistent schedule for filling out surveys is what I recommend if you want to increase your earnings. Think of it as a part-time job and it will makes things easier when the surveys start to become dry and boring. Music helps a lot. Trust me.

Sign up for an InboxDollars account here →

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That’s All Folks!

These eight side hustles should help you get some extra cash for your needs. If you have a specific side hustle you do, tell me in the comments down below! Thanks for reading.

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