Beyond The Financial Nomad

The financial Nomad

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what it would feel like to be truly financially stable? Many of us get caught in the same routine and society will tell us we’ve got it made. We have a decent job, our boss pays us every month and we have a little left over to taste some of life’s luxuries. But is this really freedom? Can you really pave your own destiny and live life on your own terms in these circumstances? We think not.
Our story starts with you. It begins with you venturing out into the unknown and savouring brave new realms once thought unattainable. To be a true wanderer.
What does it mean to be a wanderer?
A wanderer doesn’t live by anyone else standards. They embrace new experiences as they come to them whilst fiercely rejecting conformity and linear goals. Routine is the enemy of the wanderer because they know it stifles their growth in their pursuit of freedom.
There’s not many wanderers out there. Most people get trapped in the same played out patterns forced upon them by society. They go to college, get a job with their degree, endlessly chase promotions and save in the hope of one day retiring. The problem with this mindset is that if you are never truly educated in financial independence, then you are very likely to suffer at the hands of inflation, responsibilities and the regular stresses of working life. Do you really want to spend over four decades of your life overworked and miserable just to have a few years of peace when you’re too old and run down to enjoy it? Probably not.

Many will turn to commission-based jobs as a means of reclaiming control over their income. However, what they tend to overlook is that this means facing the relentless onslaught of daily rejection, instability and less benefits. Look. No matter which path you take it’s hard. However, without the right plan or a goal in mind it’s easy to waste your life. I’m here to show you another way.
I was just like you. I grinded hard, yet never found the genuine level of fulfilment and abundance I truly wanted in life. So I set out on a journey. One of self-discovery that I’m still on today to find the best financial advice possible.
The solution is to become a financial nomad. Somebody not bound by location and circumstances and who can make money on their own terms. It’s the only way out of the failed formula of college, work and retirement. It ensures not only that you have an enjoyable ride to true financial freedom but you don’t lose your peace of mind in the process. Our goal is to help you untrain the behaviours that have been holding you back from achieving this level of freedom. One lesson at a time, I invite you to join us on this journey to financial independence. I promise it will be well worth it.


We envision a world where everyone is living a life of pure freedom and abundance. Where they don’t have to worry about getting that next paycheck every month or ever have to drag themselves to soulless offices every day. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed. Which is why we are empowering people worldwide to break free from the rat race and reach true financial independence. When you are completely independent financially you are free to forge your own destiny. So we’ve made it our mission to free as many people from the trap of employment servitude as possible. It doesn’t matter about your age or background. We strive to create content for people of all circumstances. By giving genuine, actionable advice, even the most humble of beginners can rise from their circumstances and become free. Making this knowledge accessible to all is at the heart of what we do. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilled life. So we are giving away years worth of tested information that could help anyone escape the rat race and achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. Through our constant content we hope to give every human on the planet an opportunity to access freedom and abundance.